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ZAO Baltic Energy Company - b2b energo english

You can download English version of our product catalogue here
Contact us via or call: +7 812 448 48 82

ZAO Baltic Energy Company -b2b energo.
The main areas of work are:

Batteries VOLTA and NPP "ISTOCHNIK" manufacture and supply

Battery AGM technology sales
Battery GEL technology (gel batteries) supply
NiCd and rechargeable battery sales
NiMg cell and battery sales
Li-Ion cell and battery delivery
We design and deliver the independent power supply wind turbines and solar panels, as well as components for them.

Solar panel sales
Wind turbine sales
Rechargeable battery for alternative energy sources sales
Inverter sales
Charge controller sales


Single-phase UPS / UPS average power (6-20 kVA)
three-phase UPS / UPS average power (10-50 kVA)
three-phase UPS / UPS High Power (50 kVA or more)
UPS / UPS Specialty
Design and manufacture of racks for batteries and battery storage
Development and supply of automatic control and recording parameters of local facilities and processes
Development and delivery of advanced pulsed power converters
Researches in the areas of chemical power sources
Cells and batteries diagnosis

The "Baltic Energy Company" mission is the domestic batteries promotion on the Russian and international market. This is one of the fastest growing and in-demand in different sectors of areas in which Russia can compete with international manufacturers from the U.S., Europe and Asia. Batteries and rechargeable batteries are widely used in telecommunications, electricity, cars and special equipment, as well as in stand-alone power supplies (AIPah) running on alternative energy.